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DAFuller · February 25, 2016 · · 0 comments

AirStream Pictures reflects its founder. Most companies do. But in our case, what’s reflected is that we love what we do, and we like the people we work with. And it shows in the work.

AirStream is a collaborative media production and design company. Built on a 21st Century business model, we find production talent all over North America for our projects. The team is chosen to answer the needs of the client and of the project’s creative. We’re based in Maine, but we’ve brought production and finishing talent to our projects from California, New York, London, Toronto, and quite a few other places. Why? To match the right people to the project. And to provide our clients with a level of service they don’t expect.

With roots in photography, graphic design, and theater, and two decades of work in commercial television production, founder David Fuller has directed for clients as diverse as Sylvania, Hood, Dupont, Cole-Haan, L.L.Bean, Maine Medical Center, and The Jackson Laboratory. But he’s also learned that partnering with great directors and production companies can be the best way to serve our clients’ creative. And he has the relationships to bring serious directorial talent to the table.

One more thing. There’s no denying that money is helpful in production, but it’s ideas that make great spots. In our list of the favorite spots we’ve ever produced, one cost under $10,000 and another cost most of a million. Each one worked well, sold a lot of product, and made our client happy. If we start with a good idea, we can do the same for you, no matter what your budget is.

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